Advance praise


"With fine writing flair and investigative footwork, Rebecca Fannin unveils the pullulating panorama of the Chinese tech menagerie, replete with yapping yahoos!, google-raptors, repli-cats and Shanghai sili-manders−all the fierce but finally friendly dragons blowing out much smoke amid their bolts of inventive flame that make China the most fateful and fascinating entrepreneurial story of the 21 century. I’m a Fannin fan.”
George Gilder, editor-in-chief, Gilder Technology Report

"China is on its way to becoming the economic superpower, and it is only a matter of time before it starts to flex its muscle in the technology industry. It is already setting its own telecom standards and is building an unrivalled broadband infrastructure. It is going to be the next big bed of innovation. Silicon Dragon will give you a road map for this new brave world."  
Om Malik, author of Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist
Founder and Senior Writer, GigaOM

“China’s emergence as a technological giant is among the most interesting and important subjects in business and economics. Yet China remains a mystery to most. Rebecca Fannin performs an invaluable service in detailing China’s growth into the tech engine of the 21st century.”
Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher, Technology Review
Columnist, The New York Times

Rebecca Fannin’s Silicon Dragon provides an insightful view of the unique entrepreneurial environment in China and profiles some of its most accomplished entrepreneurs.  She explains why China is and is likely to continue to be a country that provides the highest returns on venture capital investing.”
Patrick J. McGovern
Founder and Chairman
International Data Group

"Silicon Dragon makes clear that China has now become the US's most serious challenger as a leader of tech innovation and investment opportunities. Ignoring this occurrence would be to deny reality, and to miss the new tech world in which we live."
David M. Rubenstein, managing director, The Carlyle Group

Silicon Dragon presents a unique and well-reported look into the rapid ascent of Chinese entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are defining the frontiers of global technology. A "high-five" to Ms. Fannin who took the the time in Beijing, Shanghai and the Valley to tell their story to the world.” Dan Schwartz, chairman and publisher, Asian Venture Capital Journal

"The book is awesome Rebecca.  It’s a WINNER!!"
Bill Tai, partner, Charles River Ventures

"I agree with Bill, nice job."
Kevin Fong, managing director, Mayfield

"I read a couple of chapters and was entertained by your writing style."
Peter Mok, managing general partner, KLM Capital

 "I just finished the book on the flight to Asia, great work! I am surprised by all the details you got from deal to deal, and those dynamic personalities - brought up a lot of memories :) and I particularly like the last few cases you covered, the search engine and the bright blue light."  
Joseph Tzeng, managing director, Crystal Ventures