Startup Asia

Startup Asia:Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia's Innovation Boom (Oct. 2011, Wiley)

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Endorsement blurbs:
“Rebecca Fannin has established herself as the preeminent expert on Asia’s emerging innovation economies. There is no better guide to understanding the countries and companies that are commercializing the disruptive technologies and ideas of the future.”

Jason Pontin, Editor in Chief and Publisher,  Technology Review                 Book Tour Photos 


“Rebecca Fannin, who caught the early waves of the Chinese Internet boom with her book Silicon Dragon, shows why we now need to be paying attention to VIC (Vietnam, India and China) in her forward-looking book Startup Asia. With diligent on-the-ground reporting and hard-won access, Fannin follows the money — the smart money of VCs who made money on both the U.S. and China Internet booms — to see where we should be placing our next bets in the world of technology.”

Gady Epstein, Correspondent, The Economist

Startup Asia starts out with a bang and picks up steam from there.  Rebecca Fannin has done her homework.  The force of Asian innovation and market presence will be with us forever.   You’ll be well served by reading this excellent work.” 

Dick Kramlich, Chairman & Co-Founder, NEA


 “Startup Asia should be on the Kindle shelf for every B school course on Asia or entrepreneurship.”

Ron Schramm, Professor, Columbia Business School


Startup Asia is a must read!  The shift of entrepreneurial activity to Asia is dramatically changing investment opportunities.  No one has done more field research or has more thoughtful analysis and insights on this dramatic change than Rebecca Fannin!”
Patrick J. McGovern, Founder and Chairman, International Data Group


From tech parks in India to half-constructed offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Startup Asia is a splendidly woven narrative of leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who are shaping the future that is being invented in Asia and envied around the globe.”

Tony Nash, Global Director, Custom Research, Economist Intelligence Unit


“Rebecca Fannin is quickly establishing herself as the ultimate expert on Asia and its countless budding entrepreneurs. Fannin profiles up and comers in China, India, and Vietnam, delves into the hottest market sectors, and details strategies for startup success. A must-read about Asia’s burgeoning startups.”

William H. Draper III, General Partner, Draper Richards and Draper International, and author, The Startup Game


 “With the Pacific Century well underway, Startup Asia is required reading for anyone serious about the next wave of technology entrepreneurship.  Rebecca Fannin elegantly weaves impressive facts, stunning anecdotes and insightful visions of the future to paint a highly engaging portrait of this amazing region and its new class of leaders.  She has written another gem!”

David Lam, Managing Director, WI Harper Group and Board President, Asia America MultiTechnology Association


“Rebecca Fannin manages to take a still picture of a scenario almost too fast moving to photograph. Dip into her book on entrepreneurial Asia and adventure will grab you by the throat.”

Peter Rupert Lighte, Banker and Sinologist


“Once again, the author of Silicon Dragon has written a book based on original research and first hand insight.  Startup Asia offers a unique overview of promising start-ups from Asia’s emerging entrepreneurs.  She includes personal profiles of the individuals behind each venture, which makes the book an enjoyable read and gives it a “girl-next-door” perspective.  Her detailed snapshot of Asian innovation amply demonstrates why the world’s most dynamic continent will continue its ascent in the global economy.” 

Dan Schwartz, Chairman Emeritus, AVCJ, and author, The Future of Finance


“While there are books galore about the innovation model in the West, rarely books are written on what's happening about innovation in Asia. Rebecca offers a fascinating view of how innovation is developing in the world's fastest growing region. Startup Asia is highly recommended for business leaders, policy makers, students and entrepreneurs alike.”

Stanley Kwong, Managing Director/Professor, Greater China Programs, School of Management, University of San Francisco


“This is a critical time for making the right decision in a very complex and at times baffling Asian market.   Rebecca’s ability to get to the real players in the market and get them to talk about what they are really thinking and planning is fascinating.  The stories and strategies are insightful and at times enlightening.  Startup Asia should be on the reading list of everyone who wants to understand Asian thinking and investing.  I believe this will be a classic in its time, too, like her previous book, Silicon Dragon.”

Egidio Zarrella, Clients and Innovation Partner in Charge, KPMG China


“There have been many attempts to replicate Silicon Valley's successes and to date all other regions have failed to challenge the Valley's dominance.  Startup Asia makes a compelling case that for the first time in venture capital history, a region has the potential to challenge the Valley's dominance.”  

Kevin Fong, Special Advisor, GSR Ventures


“Rebecca Fannin’s newest book, Startup Asia, makes an important contribution to the discussion of China’s rise and deepens our understanding of how and why. Startup Asia helps us formulate our own views of what the world will look like in the coming years. So, get ready:  the probability that your son or daughter, or possibly you yourself, will be spending time in Asia, perhaps learning Chinese, is higher than ever before.  Asia’s rise, and China’s with it, cannot be ignored.  This book helps us understand and evaluate what it all means for us in the 21st century.”

Ken Wilcox, Chairman, Silicon Valley Bank